Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My latest creation for ETSY - Christmas Refrigerator Magnets

This is going to be a really short post, I promise. I was going to wait and show you several of the items I am making to sell on ETSY, but some of you have asked about my refrigerator magnets. Yes Matt, it's true. There are people in the world that are actually interested in these things. : )

Matt is my ds who can't manuever through the house when he is home, due to my crafty materials and creations all over the place! Anyway, I made this set of 3 frig magnets. I am actually making more, but these are OOAK. There won't be any more like this!

Besides thinking these are cute (after all, I made them), I really like these magnets because they are sturdy. They are 3" x 3" and obviously flat, so if you want to use them to hold important reminders like PAY THE ELECTRIC BILL!", then these magnets will keep things in place. What? You can't see what's on the frig cause you have no lights? Why? Oh, because your reminder dropped to the floor from that flimsy magnet that was supposed to be holding it up! I see. That won't happen with these adorable magnets!

How was that for a sales pitch? lol

Thanks for stopping by and looking at
my love, peace and joy magnets! The link to my ETSY store, Dreamersboutique, is in my sidebar
if you are interesting in purchasing these. I will
have lots more holiday items up soon!
Have a blessed day,


GinniG said...

VERY nice Lynn!!! :) I'm finally here! Hehe!

Laura - Layers of Color said...

These are lovely! I wish you much success with them on Etsy!