Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pre-Thanksgiving Thoughts

Well, here it is the day before Thanksgiving, and the only thing I have even done is bought the turkey so it can thaw. Forgot to buy the woodchips for the smoker, which are often hard to find! In fact, haven't tested the smoker to make sure it is still working alright after setting out since Easter! So I'm crossing my fingers that all that works out, cause I LOVE smoked turkey. Smoked anything for that matter - everything tastes better on the smoker!

Of course my fibromyalgia is flaring up! Could it be the stress of all this job stuff - some of you know what I mean - or should I say the probable illegalities of what "they" are doing? Will explain later when i am unstressed enough to get up on my moral soapbox about how unkind and totally unprofessional some people can be. So much for my beliefs about the innate goodness of most people! Nope - still believe that in spite of some evidence to the contrary. Back to Thanksgiving and my fibroflare. This means that I have to keep the menu simple and sit as much as possible. So I will go to the store and then cook as much as I can ahead of time. Meaning : mashed potatoes, homemade mac & cheese (everybody except Kent demands this!), green beans, corn, oh yes - dressing (this is too much trouble - may have to cheat!), cranberry sauce (definitely canned), VA deviled eggs (meaning very sour), some sort of salad, rolls, and homemade banana pudding (2 batches). Fortunately my friend Scott is going to help me today while playing background music from all his new CD's!

Now to change the subject, here is a layout I did for Janice's fall color challenge at Scrapbook Doodle. It is of Matt and Casondra . Had to use fall colors plus one other, circles, bling and handwritten journaling. I am going to post this one, but really am going to post a gallery of all of my work. In the meantime, here is Magic Moments:

Sorry for the poor photomerge job, but look at this beautiful young lady and handsome guy (no, I am not biased cause he is my son! lol

Before I close, the Knoxville Scrapbooking Club is having the crop on Fri. Nov. 30th. Please vote so I can change it if I need to. Have to make it final in a few days!


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