Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! Catching Up Again!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and actually took the time to think of all we have to be thankful for! I do tend to get bummed out about my fibrogarbage, but I am blessed to be able to still have insurance that pays for my docs and my meds and and and....That could go on forever! I am also blessed to have such a wonderful family and friends, and for our awesome God who loves us and provides for us! Speaking of providing, I got some teeny extra provision this past week at my ETSY store. well, not just MY ETSY store. it actually belongs to Sam and me. So we sold two sets of flowers that I made using my Sizzix machine and pp with Christmas colors. They turned out so cute, and I decided that they would make cute ornaments, so I added ribbon to some. I posted 2 sets in the

store and both sold! Yay!! The pic to the right had green brads (or green with white dots I added). As you can see from the single one, I made some using red brads.

My other ETSY sale was a little altered clothespin I made. I used it as a holder for a cardstock piece with a 2009 calendar on one side and a "yellow sticky" mini note pad holder on the other.

I am definitely making some more, also taking custom orders. I think they would make teacher gifts etc. I am sure my ETSY url is on here somewhere (I hope!!) but if not is the link. Please have a look!
I am totally busy right now at The Attic ( working on our Christmas Card Contest. You have never seen so many gorgeous cards. Right now, we are voting on Week 3 of Phase 1 of the contest. After this, the winners all go into Phase 2, where each participant makes 4 more cards and we (the DT) votes on the Grand Prize Winner. That talented artist will win a wonderful prize from Jeri. I don't even know what it is yet! Ya'll need to check out the Attic to watch the contest, plus Melissa, Jaime and others have all kinds of challenges and games cooked up for December. Our ATC swap is still going strong, also. I love the swaps. I found another one I may participate in. I will have to show you what I make.
Well, I haven't caught up as much as I wanted, but maybe if I can do this again tomorrow, I can actually keep caught up this time. Sounds like a new years resolution to me!

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