Monday, December 8, 2008

Just some new scrappy things.....

Here I am, and it's not months since my last post! Yay for me! I have been busy making cards. I am hoping some will sell locally at the pet store and I'm making a set for the wild bird store here. (Assuming they want to sell them for me!) Here are a couple of examples. One is Santa Paws, and of course Sam drew a Cotton (my bichonpoo baby) Santa. Sam whipped that drawing out in about 5 minutes. I can't imagaine being able to do that! The other I made with a pretty cardinal stamp by Inkadinkado. I drew nothing! Lucky for everyone! Wish me luck, while we are on the subject!

Have to also say that I have also been experimenting with making paper backgrounds using the shaving cream technique. Don't know the shaving cream technique. Well, it's kinda like being in 1st grade. You take shaving cream (cheap kind is good) and squirt it into a baking dish. You need something with sides so the shaving cream will stay put. So no cookie sheets. Then you take bottles of re-inkers (I used Tim Holtz' Adirondack alchohol ink and his distress inks). You pick about 3 0r 4 colors you love and think will look good together, and make random drops onto the shaving cream, which you have smoothed down with a spatula. Then I took a fork and swirled the ink into some random pattern. The you take the paper and push it straight down into the shaving cream. Pull it STRAIGHT up. If your paper is 12 x 12, you will have to do the other side then. Make sure the whole sheet is totally covered. Let it sit for a while - about 20-30 minutes. Then take paper towels and BLOT (don't rub) all the shaving cream off. You will be left with cool patterns. Here are some examples!

Now I can cut out pieces for card backgrounds or to use on layouts. Cool, huh?
You know what I want? I want to have one of those blogs that has challenges and (or) does give-aways. I guess that need to wait until I have a "following"! Maybe that helps you get a following! Whatever the case, here is the link to a cool blog by Chrysti who is giving stuff away for 29 days! Have a look at which is the link to Art by Chrysti! Comment there and win all kinds of goodies!
Also, be sure and go to the Attic! Jeri is getting some cool new stuff in the store, and the DT is NOW voting on the winner of the Christmas Card Contest! You have to go see all the awesome cards, and by tomorrow (maybe today), we should have our winners. Jeri is giving 1st place a $50 GC to the store, 2nd place gets one for $30, and 3rd place gets one for $20! How awsome is that. Have a look at! Well, speaking of that, I better go vote!

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