Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday MATT!

My son turned the big 27 yesterday! Yes, 27! Can you believe it? lol Well, he can't. He thinks he is getting old. Seriously. I don't know what that means for some of the rest of us. He had a celebration with some of his "bestest" friends. Naturally that meant, I had to tag along. I had to take pics! This one is Matt and "his boys".

Matt is on the far left, then Dustin, Blake and Brad. It's rough to be so old! lol Since Matt was feeling so old, I decided to make this card for him. I needed to assure him that he would not lack female companionship now that he is the big 2 7 !! So............................

He was thrilled! lol He actually thought it was pretty hilarious. I had fun making the card. The stamp is by River City Rubber Works. I used paper piecing to make it. In this case, I stamped the image 4 times, once on white paper, then on 2 pp by Cosmo Cricket, plus a greenish colored pp by ......I'm not sure who. I then cut out the dresses, each one from a different pp, and adhered them to the original image. I haven't really done much piecing. I would hate to do this if it were much more tedious. I even cut the pocketbook out of a separate piece. Of course Matt is worth it! Anyway, I attached "the girls" with pop dots for dimension. Oh yes, the fonts I used were by Then the bottom was a bright birthday sticker. Had to add a festive look somewhere! Inside I wrote a mushy message, of course, because I am so blessed to have such a wonderful son! Happy Birthday, Matt! I'll always love you!

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