Friday, July 3, 2009

Scrap'nArts Magazine

Just a quick post to tell you I was so excited to find out that I was one of the two people that won the prize for the June blog challenges for Scrap'nArts magazine! Yay! My entries are in the post below. I also made a new friend, Gwen, who was the other girl that won. She is very sweet and very talented. She had SO MANY awesome entries - you need to check out her blog and the Scrap'nArts Mag Blog. Both of those links are in my sidebar. I have a terrible time getting links in here to stay linked, so just link from my sidebar and you should end up at the right place!

If you have not subscribed to Scrap'nArts mag, you really should. They have a new look and if you look at their sneak peak, you will want to subscribe!

Also, thanks to you all that have contacted me about the free digi downloads in the post before this one. Anna hasn't been here yet to see her comments here, or at My Sketch World, or on my email. So if you haven't left a comment about the lovely fairy she drew by hand (completely her design - no copying!), please take a sec and do so. As I said before, at TWELVE, she is soooo excited and amazed that people like her art!

"Chip" the kitty cat and Anna's fairy will only be free until the 5th. Then off to my ETSY store they go! Just think - Chip was used on the card that won one of the Scrap'nArt's challenge! But Sam does not get to share my prize! No! lol

Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day!

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